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Join Dan, Ash, Gareth and Nick as they talk games, films and TV, answer the community's questions and attempt to outdo each other in weekly challenges.

...And that's what you get when you democratise the episode naming process. We're sorry. In this episode we ditch a couple of regular features to share our games - best and worst - of the generation. And if you disagree with our choices well, to quote Jeffrey Lebowski, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

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Put your ear to the ground. Hear that distant rumbling? That's a stampede of wild next-gen consoles charging towards us in a state of blind panic and confusion. Who can tame them? We don't know, and we're not sticking around to find out. No surprise then, that this episode clings onto the current generation as tenaciously as you would Powdered Toast Man's buttocks. It also features our very first, hopefully not last, listener challenge.

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Should Sonic be humanely put down? Can you identify a game character when they're talking backwards? Can the mysteries of cloud computing be unravelled in a minute? What does Dan talk about in his sleep? Will Gareth ever play Pokemon? Get all the answers to questions you'd never have otherwise asked right here.

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We're one Simon down for our frightful/fright-full 13th episode, which was unlucky for Dan because it meant he had to do the actual hard work for once. Fortunately, Dan also writes these descriptions, and he can confirm that it's actually the most well-edited podcast yet. We've got a suitably horror-themed challenge, a Great Debate dedicated to Resident Evil and a bit about (Call of Duty) Ghosts. Oh, do enjoy it!

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