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Reports of our demise might have been slightly exaggerated, but the departure of Simon Chong is 100% true. Sadly, his prodigious animating talents caught the eye of Hollywood bigwigs, and no amount of promises of being paid in real money or upgrading his Etch-a-Sketch could convince him not to flee 5,400 miles across the world to escape our clutches. Were we going to let him flee without recording a goodbye podcast? Were we fork. So, we took our mics out of hibernation for one last huzzah as the awesome foursome and put together this special show. (‘Special’ in this instance means poorly prepared.) Find out more about what Simon will be up to in California, hear a special story from a 9 year-old Chong, listen to his horrified reaction to our special parting gift, and catch our reactions to your tributes at our premature funeral. It’s going to get emotional.

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