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Join Dan, Ash, Gareth and Nick as they talk games, films and TV, answer the community's questions and attempt to outdo each other in weekly challenges.

Much like legendary New York nightclub Studio 54, episode 54 of our podcast is a tribute to ludicrous excess, with scene kids, celebrities and artists rubbing noses and a lot more besides. You can't hear them because they're all in the room next door, but we assure you that they're definitely there and having the best time. Party monsters Dan, Simon, Ash and Gareth are on hand to talk you through their feelings on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Soma, Guitar Hero Live and Until Dawn, as well as news of Nintendo NX, Star Wars Battlefront, Duke Nukem 3D's long-lost Mega Drive port and PewDiePie's new YouTube Red show. Also! They attempt to guess the final words of ten poorly translated Japanese games and debate the merits of user-generated content even though the show's practically built on it.

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It's a case of diminishing returns this week as the show sheds an Ash in addition to the still-absent Gareth. We think they might be both down that well we keep meaning to board up. Give it three weeks and it'll just be sound of wind whistling through the office.

We're joined instead by Kevin Joyce from, who tolerates our usual nonsense admirably. Such nonsense includes talk of Pokémon party pooping, Guitar Hero DLC confusion, the future of 'walking simulators' and a game of Who Wants To Win A Bag of Air?. 

If you're reading this before midday on 14 October, there's still time to vote for our live episode in the Player's Choice category of the Games Media Awards. Follow this link or do a Googles for 2015 GMA Player's Choice. Thank you!

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After a mere two months since the last episode, WE'RE BACK! Again. And boy, do we have a show for you. All your favourite features are back in the same order but with different words in between. Will we be back next week? We sure hope so!

Welcome back, friend.

ALSO: We're up for TWO GMAs this year, which is absolutely fantastic. One of them is for the Players' Choice Award for our special live 50th episode - it's voted for by the public, so if you think we're worthy of an award head here: We'll love you forever*!

*Well, definitely for a few weeks.

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The tragic, premature passing of Satoru Iwata had a profound effect - perhaps unexpectedly so - on the late Nintendo president's fans, colleagues and peers, triggering an outpouring of emotional tributes the world over. ExAlPod's Nintendo-loving duo Dan and Simon were no exception, and in this special tribute episode they share their and our listeners' favourite memories of the great man.

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How to follow up a barnstorming live show? How about disappearing for eight weeks and then returning with something far less exciting? That'll do. We're so late even our E3 coverage is obsolete, but sod it, we did it anyway. But listen anyway you will, for we're still going to vibrate your cochleas with talk of games like Her Story, Sonic Runners and Harvest Moon; news of the F-Zero that never was, ridiculous Destiny pricing and rumours of The Last of Us 2; a challenge that proves we write better one-liners than the Hollywood scriptwriting elite; and a chat about violence that somehow ends up with Gareth wishing he could piece together the tattered remains of his soul. EPISODE 51 - HO!

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It finally happened. We did a live show. And it was awesome. We managed to get through a full show in front of a live audience, complete with all sorts of gimmicks including - but not limited to - a smoke machine, a live Twitch feed, shambolic karaoke, sexy Powerpoint images and a big black bucket with horns on it. Obviously it's not be quite as good without the incredible visuals, but it's still a good listen nonetheless (except, perhaps, for the challenge, which was absolute bedlam). Thanks to everyone who came - and to those who didn't, we'll see you for episode 100 (possibly sooner, if you demand it)!

If you'd like to see the images we're describing at the start of the show, head to our Facebook page:

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No, your eyes do not deceive you - this is our first semi-podcast. Episode 50 is going to be a big deal, so we didn't want to squander it on a typical show. However, we're not recording that until 9th May, so we also didn't want to leave you hanging for another fortnight. Episode 49.5 has some - but not all - of your favourite pod-bits, including plenty of guff about Bloodborne, news galore and a lengthy chat about challenging games making themselves accessible to the masses.

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Check us out with two podcasts in a fortnight, like some kind of regular podcast show. "Ol' Billy Two-Pods" they'll call us. Anyway, you join the team in varying states of sobriety as they recount their face-on experience with the latest Project Morpheus prototype, devise new ways to punish idiotic rage-quitters and test the limits of their geeky pedantry. No song this week, but isn't it nice to hear the old theme for the first time in ages?

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A mere 12 weeks since our last episode, we come back with an exciting, brand new format that may closely resemble the one we've used for the previous 47 shows, but is in fact drastically different. For one, two of us switched chairs! It's revolutionary thinking like that that flows like a harpoon - daily AND nightly - through our talk of in-flight gaming, Kojima's unexpected departure from Konami, that bit from Finders Keepers that doesn't involve trashing a house, and greedy publishers demanding YouTube money from Johnny Letsplayer.

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We've got a good feeling about 2015, and that's not just because a fortune teller told us we'd win the Euromillions in August. Our first show of the year sees us joined by Kotaku UK editor and devoted cat owner Keza MacDonald as we talk over our terrible Christmas gifts, news of Nintendo favouritism, punny Achievements and the future of Patreon. Also, we're all fully nude.

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