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Join Dan, Ash, Gareth and Nick as they talk games, films and TV, answer the community's questions and attempt to outdo each other in weekly challenges.

Simon's back! Sort of. We catch up with our transatlantic absentee Alan via 'live' satellite linkup, and discover how life is for our LA-ex. (Spoiler: enviably great.) We also delve into some excellent Getting To Know Us questions, including casting our dream game-to-TV series. Plus! The world's most successful arcade games form the basis of our quiz Play Your Cabs Right. And, to honour the passing of Konami code creator Kazuhisa Hashimoto, we discuss your--and our--favourite cheats.

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We skirt dangerously close to highbrow territory this week, as we discuss which games introduced you to hitherto unknown periods of history or works of fine art. Hopefully it's only a blip. Elsewhere, Gareth's love of Fortnite is reignited, Ash explores post-apocalyptia on a land boat, and Dan slowly unravels in a quiz custom-built to break him.

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Who's your Best Gaming Friend? After last episode's rather downbeat discussion, we bring the mood back up with a chat about those special someones that you can always depend on to be up for a game. We also cover old franchises that we'd love to see revived, including Timesplitters and obscure Sierra gem Manhunter: New York, plus there's a tricky quiz on Academy Award-winning film titles in other languages. Oh, and there's some soup chat.

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More hot chat about the games and entertainment we're in thrall to, including Ring Fit Adventure, Griftlands, Borderlands 3, Clash Royale (yes, again), Good Omens and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Plus, an air of melancholy hangs over the team as we discuss our tragic gaming tales, from deleted saves to sad cancellations. It's not all doom and gloom though, as Dan introduces his daughter to the podcast for the first time in his quiz Orlawatch. Can you guess which Overwatch characters she's renaming and describing?

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Do you know your DIMPS from your GIMPS? Your Hipster Whales from your Hipster Fish? Then Gareth has just the quiz for you. Before you test your knowledge of obscure devs, listen to us talk through our favourite--and most hated--games and films of recent weeks, including Clash Royale, My Friend Pedro, Blasphemous, The Endless, Knives Out, Downsizing and the first 20 minutes of Marriage Story! Plus! Gareth's tale of dough woe and your--and our--memories of gamer rage.

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We'd love to say we've spent the last 12 months painstakingly resculpting and honing our dormant podcast into a resplendent new beast, but, if anything, you should probably consider this a regression. In this unplanned, unscripted and un-unedited new era of ExAlPod, we get up you up to speed on our challenging 2019, gush over games and a great year for TV, and even find room for a quick game of 'Name That Film Score'. It's good to be back.

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Our Christmas special isn't late--it's just really, really early. International animation superstar and Alan alumnus (Alanmnus) Simon Chong returned to the UK for the first time since departing for a new life in LA, so we ended our hiatus to find out just how much he regrets leaving us behind. (Spoiler: not at all.) Lots of the usual chat returns, including a fun new game where we gauge SiChong's eligibility for permanent residence in the US.

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True to form, promises made in the previous show have been broken. This is not the takeover show we teased, but another hot three-way between Dan, Gareth and Nick. So, kind of like being promised a donut, but getting a brownie instead, i.e. you still win. This time, we get exasperated at Battlefield V sexism, excited about a dedicated Switch Pokémon, effervescent in our praise of Cobra Kai and engrossed in debate about the merits of review scores.

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Against the soundtrack of a life support machine’s rhythmic beep, The Explosive Alan Podcast’s eyes finally flicker open. Weakly, it attempts to rise from its prolonged slumber, limbs limp, head heavy, throat parched. A passing nurse spots this unexpected recovery and rushes over, immediately guiding the straw within a nearby cup of water to its cracked lips. It takes a short sip, then mutters something barely audible. “I’m sorry, can you say that again?” ExAlPod motions for the nurse to come closer; he duly obeys. With the nurse’s ear now inches from its mouth, it quietly repeats itself: “We’re back, bitches.”

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While ExAlPod continues its stay in the Hyperbollock Time Chamber, Dan has rustled up a new podcast concept and wants to use you, our neglected listeners, as guinea pigs. It's called Word/Play, features contributions from Noclip's Danny O'Dwyer and Final Games' Liam Edwards and, for this pilot show, tackles the subject of crime. Give it a listen, and let Dan know what you think by dropping him a Tweet or DM @MrPointyHead.

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Payday 2 - Blueprints

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FFVI - Kefka’s Theme

GTAIV - Main Theme

Yakuza 0 - Money Makes Money

Sam & Max Hit The Road - Another Idiotic And Baffling Assignment

The Getaway - Art Appreciation

Persona 5 - Interrogation Room

GTA Vice City - Main Theme (Extended Mix)

LEGO City Undercover - ‘Quiet 01’

Watch_Dogs 2 - Eye For An Eye (Reprise)

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Reports of our demise might have been slightly exaggerated, but the departure of Simon Chong is 100% true. Sadly, his prodigious animating talents caught the eye of Hollywood bigwigs, and no amount of promises of being paid in real money or upgrading his Etch-a-Sketch could convince him not to flee 5,400 miles across the world to escape our clutches. Were we going to let him flee without recording a goodbye podcast? Were we fork. So, we took our mics out of hibernation for one last huzzah as the awesome foursome and put together this special show. (‘Special’ in this instance means poorly prepared.) Find out more about what Simon will be up to in California, hear a special story from a 9 year-old Chong, listen to his horrified reaction to our special parting gift, and catch our reactions to your tributes at our premature funeral. It’s going to get emotional.

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WE'RE BACK! Again. Again.

Yes, after the lofty high that was the 100th live episode, we took a small break from podcasting while we, amongst other things, had surgery, fell ill, travelled to Edinburgh, worked very hard and tried to finish your Mum's 10.000 piece jigsaw she's had round the back for the last 13 years.

No, but really, we forgot to get any audience participation this episode, so it's just us rounding up all our love for the Switch and Zelda, as well as a challenge about the Bechdel Test. Finally, as it's episode 101 we have ourselves a lovely rip of section based on TV classic Room 101.

Enjoy, friends. It's nice to be back, eh?

Wholesome Memes:

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Well, we made it. 100 episodes. No one thought we could do it, especially us, but here we are! AND we survived it. This episode of the Explosive Alan Podcast was brought to you in front of a live audience complete with more booze than was ever necessary. Who will win in this epic audience VS Alans showdown? If you were there, you know, BUT DON'T RUIN IT FOR THE REST OF THEM!
Enjoy, all. And before you start listening. We're sorry. For everything.
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A 99 ice cream, 99 problems and 99 luftballons. There are many things that have 99 in quantity, but it’s 99th Explosive Alan Podcast that’s really where it’s at. This week, Dan and Simon are talking all things Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as discussing our desert island games, Ubisoft, and oh, THE LIVE EPISODE THAT’S HAPPENING TOMORROW (25/02/17) IN LONDON! Get your tickets if you haven’t right here


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The Sentinel:
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It’s the filler episode of all filler episodes! Episode 98 is a bit manic, but by golly we’re going to make our 100th episode our actual 100th episode! This week it’s just Dan and Simon chatting about absolute nonsense for half an hour, some things about video games, some things about naughty things we’ve done. ENJOY IT! WE DID!

What makes us happy link: Halloween finger -

Get your tickets to the live show! There aren’t many left now, and it’s happening soon. 25th of February 2017 at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) at the Secret Weapon in Stratford. Tickets here:

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Episode 97 is here with its hands in the air like it just doesn’t care! This week the fantastic foursome discusses things from Superhot VR to Dandy Dungeon and everything in between. You can’t say we aren’t eclectic on this show! Also, don’t forget, our 100th episode will be in front of a LIVE audience in Stratford, London on the 25th of February at 7.30pm. Get your tickets while you can here (they’re free)

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Welcome aboard the SS ExAlPod, there’s no getting off now, you’re locked in, sorry ‘bout it! So, get ready for this week’s returning special “How To Be Awesome At…” episode. This time, DATING! Which should be interesting as three of the four Explosive Alan team have been in relationships for a combined 45 years. Fair warning, this gets weird. Very weird. ENJOY!

ALSO, don’t forget to get your tickets for our live 100th episode coming up on the 25/02/15. It’s at 7.30pm at the Secret Weapon bar in Stratford, London, and we’d love you to be there. Get your tickets here

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Merry Friday, everyone! It’s the 94th episode of the Explosive Alan Podcast coming atcha, very much like 90s band Cleopatra. This week we’re talking all things Switch, as well as properly announcing our 100th LIVE episode event! COME ON DOWN! It’ll be taking place on 25th of February in Secret Weapon in London. Get your tickets right here


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GameBlast 2017:

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The first ‘proper’ podcast of 2017 features our future (now past) selves’ first impressions of Nintendo Switch, recorded directly *does Iwata hand gesture* from the exclusive media hands-on event at the Hammersmith Apollo. If that’s not reason enough to listen, we’ve also got details of our upcoming live show on the 25th of February (Tickets available soon), our conflicting thoughts on The Last Guardian, news of Scalebound’s unfortunate demise and we share your most anticipated games of space year 2017.

What Makes Us Happy Links:

David S Pumpkins:

Man in the High Castle:

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Merry Christmas, everyone! You’ve unwrapped all your presents we imagine by this point, but hey, guess what, Santa has brought you one more to open! Simon has chucked together this very short Christmas special where we cover off what you guys will be playing, eating and watching over the festive period. It’s not much, but it’s something! Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year, and we’ll see you all in 2017!

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We’d planned to pull out all the stops for our 90th episode, but all that pulling required far too much effort so Simon and Dan just did the usual (albeit over Skype, so slightly unusual). What we’ve made is still wonderful, obviously, so snuggle into your favourite podcast-listening chair, cuddle up to your pod-blanket, warm yourself with a hot poddy, and enjoy the show.

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It’s the Halloween episode that never was! We’re back to our old podcast procrastinating (podcrastinating) tricks, but with good reason because we’ve been… well, you’ll just have to listen and find out. Like dwarves in a barrel, we ride the rocky current of gaming news, views and Getting To Know Youse until we’re dragged under and drown in a river of information. Trump, Switch and a fleeting mention of Thomas Middleditch – it’s all here on the not-yet-90th episode of this podcast we call Explosive Alan.

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We waited until just after the Nintendo Switch and Red Dead Redemption 2 reveal trailers to bring you this most topical of ExAlPods. Well, unless you're listening to this any time after 21st October, in which case it's practically an historical artefact. Adding to that tasty zeitgeistiness is a chat about Palmer Luckey's political contributions, and our reactions to Westworld, the first Logan trailer and the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo. If it was any more current, it'd be a sultana.

What Makes Us Happy Links:
Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo:


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The Fabbest Four are reunited after a staggering 22-episode gap, in which time three of them have had children, and one of them has successfully avoided having children. Have our new lifestyles transformed ExAlPod into a preachy parentcast full of nappy-changing advice and weaning tips? Only partially! There’s still a little bit of time set aside to discuss the No Man’s Sky advertising controversy and Resident Evil’s new direction, and for Gareth to viciously dissect KSI’s foray into mobile gaming.

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HOLA! Welcome to this week’s #ExAlPod coming at you directly from Sitges (that’s in Spain, don’t you know!). This week we’ve got returning LGBT episode guest Andy Grier. He was lead audio designer on Guitar Hero Live! That’s pretty cool, right? So, join Simon and Andy as they recap this week’s news, what they’ve been playing, as well as a lovely challenge about video game holiday destinations! We’ve really got it all this week, WE REALLY HAVE! Enjoy it, friends!

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Didn't manage to make it to Gamescom? Neither did we, so we replicated the atmosphere by filling the office with strangers and queuing for three hours to use our own computers while eating overpriced currywurst. You won't hear any of that in this week's podcast (illegal fire hazard my arse), but you will hear two attractive-sounding men discussing their reignited love affair with GoldenEye, the new Metal Gear game that nobody asked for, fantasy sports and the possible (mis?)fortunes of Nintendo's NX. 


Kitty Horrorshow

Too Good To Go

Suicide Squad Sales Pitch by Jenny Nicholson

Trump Quotes by Zapp Brannigan

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Daaaaaaamn, Alan! Back at it again with the weekly episodes! That’s right, current youth people, Dan and Simon return to guide you through all things gaming and royalty-free music related. We’ve also got ourselves a wonderful guest this week in the form of one Laurie Blake. He’s a member of T.H.R.O.B, don’t you know! (You probably don't know. Now you do.)

So sit back, relax, and let 10 year-old Dan tell you all about Bubble Bobble! It’s episode 83 of The Explosive Alan Podcast!

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Next On ET TV -
The Katering Show: Seasoning 2 -

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A particularly feature-rich show this week, with Dan & Simon discussing sexy cartoon characters, sharing their games du jour, analysing major gaming news, talking over the great TV that turned their frowns upside down, highlighting an incredibly interesting new game on Kickstarter and debating the merits and drawbacks of console game modding. We have opinions, and we ain’t afraid to use ‘em (irresponsibly).

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Close Your -

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Stranger Things -
Preacher -

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Half the crew doesn't equate to half the fun on this week's show, as Dan & Simon (Daimon) open their mouths and let fly a golden gobful of podcasting magic. Si's still fawning over VR, Dan's obsessed with Monster Hunter AGAIN, we fantasise about miniaturised consoles, guess famous actors from Frankensteinised film titles and ask whether Pokemon GO legitimises augmented reality.

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Apparently, 80 years of marriage is your Oak Anniversary, which fits our 80th anniversary of being married to this beautiful podcast perfectly because of all the inevitable Pokémon GO chat. (Professor Oak? Pokémon? No?)

We're fortunate enough to be joined by the incredibly prolific and very funny Gav Murphy, star of IGN, Regular Features, S4C and the From Jabba to Jedi podcast. Listen in as he tells us his tales of gatecrashing and body fat goal-smashing, alongside all your favourite features. Hear Dan's sordid HuniePop confessions, Gareth's secret bus exploits and Simon's discovery of a whole new way to say 'goodbye' in Welsh, and feel better about your own life in the process.

What Makes You Happy Links:
A Day With Mom:
The Attendant:

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So, here we are, then. 20 consecutive episodes! WE MADE IT, YOU GUYS! But don’t think we’re stopping any time soon, no sir! Dan and Simon are here this week to guide you through the past 7 days of the gaming world. We’ve got a lot of chat about the Steam Sale, as well as a selection of questions from you guys. A lovely debate about horror games and a challenge in which we bring back 1 star Amazon reviewer Freedom of Speech! So, sit back with a lovely glass of Apple and Alfonso Mango squash and enjoy episode 79, friends!

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Instagram in the 80s:
Celebrity Masterchef:

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Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing? Listen to Ash and Simon in this week’s podcast as they utterly fail at discussing anything to do with sports. On top of that, we’ve also got our usual questions, what makes us happy, as well as a challenge about whether celebrities are older than household inventions! This is a games podcast, we swear. Enjoy, friends!


Overwatch Transmedia Article:

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This week’s episode sees Simon taking the reigns to do something a little bit different. In response to something Gareth asked him on the podcast a while ago, Simon went on a bit of a journey to find out the answer to a questions he’d rather stupidly never considered. Is the LGBT community being represented enough in video games? So, sit back, and enjoy this special hour of investigation, learning and some fantastic interviews with many LGBT people across the gaming community. If you enjoy it, please do share this around with others. We’re all about furthering the conversation here, and would love to spread this as far as possible. Enjoy, friends.

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It’s E3 week! Did you catch it all? No? Well then worry not, Simon is here to guide you through the mess of information that came out during the week. Joining Simon is our L.A. games correspondent man Dan Maher, or, TV’s Dan Maher to you and me. So sit back, relax and let us tell you all about those three Es.

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This week’s #ExAlPod is special in many ways. One, it has Dan and Simon recording outside because it was too hot in the office. As as result, special guests this episode include many airplanes and an opera singer. For real! It’s also special because we’ve got a whole load E3 chat ahead of next week’s event. Enjoy, friends!

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We may have planned an episode in our normal way, but when Gareth has himself and idea, and Simon is easily influenced, things often go awry. SO, we present to you our first on the road episode where a coin decides our fate. Sure we discuss what we've been playing, answer some questions and do some news, but now with added coin flipping! Will Simon have a smoothie? Will Gareth assault someone? Will we play in a bubble world? The fun never ends when a coin is involved!

What Makes Us Happy links:

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Simon’s at it again! It’s another solo episode this week as the rest of the team are off being crazy busy, as a result, it’s a super short episode. But something is better than nothing, right? So, yes, join Simon as he talks about what he’s been playing, answers your questions a does a bit of news about Pokemon and Overwatch. Honestly, all that in 12 minutes? I can’t believe it either. Normal service will resume shortly!

What Makes You Happy:

Jabba To Jedi:

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Welcome to the 71st episode of our weekly Uncharted 4 podcast! No wait, sorry, it’s a video games podcast in general, you just wouldn’t know it from all the Uncharted talk this week! What else, what else, well, you’ve got just Dan and Simon hosting this time round with a healthy dose of Getting To Know Us Questions, a Challenge, and also a debate about whether games should have an easy mode or not. ENJOY IT, or else!


What Makes You Happy Links:
Magnets & Marbles (Kaplamino) -

My Dad Wrote a Porno -

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What have learning Spanish, Star Wars, simulated sex, Rupaul's Drag Race, dislocated knees, Uncharted 4, nightmare-inducing audio and anal Rumble Pak insertion got in common? Absolutely nothing, until episode 70 of ExAlPod came along.

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Are you ready for the sexiest episode yet of the Explosive Alan Podcast yet? Episode 69 is here for your sexy aural pleasure, and boy is it a good one. Sexy Dan and Simon are here to bring you up to speed on all this week’s sexy gaming nonsense, from thieving copies of sexy Uncharted 4 to sexier Zelda delays, we have it all. Sex.

Kickstarter Watch:

What Makes You Happy:
Jake and Amir: Lonely and Horny
Friends of Nintendo Humble Bundle:

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Did we just hit ten episodes in as many weeks? I believe we only bloody well went and did. To celebrate, we thought we'd take our new (cheap) 360-degree camera for a test run, only it all seemed to go horribly wrong and right now we have literally no idea if you'll ever see the footage we shot or the clever things we did with it. We guess that's the price you pay for being podcasting pioneers. In our rush to meet the strict 45-minute limit of our unreliable new purchase, we hare through all manner of features and games, including the returning 60-Second News Gong, Dark Souls: The Board Game, Shakespeare Lyrics, Quantum Break, Dark Souls 3 and a Great Debate about sequel frequency. Sequency.

Kickstarter Watch Link:

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NINE WEEKS IN A ROW! Come on, double digits. We can do this! Anyway, welcome to this week's Explosive Alan podcast. It's a podcast first this week as Simon and Dan attempt their first Skype episode from their respective houses. Does it work? Can you tell? Do let us know! This week we have much chatter about Dark Souls 3, Zelda and Miitomo. Actually, we have a whole load of Nintendo chat over all because THOSE TWO aren't here to stop us! MAD WITH POWER, WE ARE!

Kickstarter Watch:
Still Kickin by Kurtis Stinson -

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Episode 66 is here! IT REALLY IS! Only 34 episodes until episode 100, will we make it? Who knows. Future us knows, but that’s some Quantum Break type stuff, right there. GOOD SEGWAY! Because this week we chat all things Quantum Break as well as the usual getting to know us nonsense, a lovely musical challenge and a debate about TV in gaming. Stick around, it’s worth it, we promise.*

*Not a guarantee.

What Makes Us Happy Links

The Alanimatrix:
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He’s back! The wanderer returns! Dan Maher makes his triumphant paternity return in the 65th episode of The Explosive Alan Podcast. Join the fab 4 as this week we discuss all things VR, Pokken, and how DC can save their film franchises (or whether they even should!) INTREST PIQUED? Well, check it out, it’s free after all.

What Makes You Happy Links

Slow Mo Guys

Batman: Bad Blood

The Lobster:

Batman V Superman Fails Article

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Happy Easter weekend! For those of you who had your Friday yesterday, enjoy yourself a relaxing lay in with this week’s fresh off the presses Explosive Alan Podcast. This week we have two very special guests in the form of Double Jump and YouTube’s very own Cam and Seb! Join Simon and Gareth as we navigate this week’s world of gaming with some chat about what we’ve been playing, some Googly Boogly, and a lovely debate about modular consoles. Enjoy, and have yourself a very lazy weekend. You’ve earned it!

Kickstarter Watch:
The Pride Vol. 1 Hardover Collection

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Do you know the score? You’d don’t? Then you probably don’t know the truth! This week we have a very special guest in the form of The Miller Report’s Simon Miller, and he does NOT suffer chuffsters lightly. Join us as we chat games from Hitman to the Division, and have a right old debate about the possibility of episodic games on a broader scale. Welcome, friends!



Adore Delano - Hello, I Love You


Address is Approximate


Video Copilot Saber


The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness


WOOOOO! Nation with Ric Flair!-nation-with-ric-flair/id991930026?mt=2

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Back once again with the renegade master! Well, maybe not the renegade master as such, but you’ve got three quarters of the Explosive Alan Podcast team at least. This week, it’s lights, camera, ACTION as we ditch everything we’ve done for the last 61 episodes and do a film centric show. We’ve got all your recent films covered, the return of the challenge segment as well as a debate on reboots vs originals. We hope you enjoy it, friends! CUT!

The Katering Show:
Real Life Hitman:  
Watchtower of Turkey:  

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Happy Friday, everyone! You made it through another week, and as a present, here’s a SUPERHOT 61st episode of The Explosive Alan Podcast for your ears! Ash, Simon and Gareth are here to guide you through this week’s gaming nonsense including SUPERHOT, XCOM 2, Pinstripe and the delays to Uncharted 4. Also a chair incident. Enjoy!



Multitimbral FM Synthesizer Shield:




Wintergatan - Marble Machine:

Holi S**t:

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Last week we were one, this week we are two! Join us, as Simon and Gareth round up the week’s nonsense in our 60th episode of The Explosive Alan Podcast. We’ve got sandwich chat, music talk, space travel and whether crumpets are a worthwhile breakfast. All the things you’d expect from an award winning games podcast. Welcome aboard, friends!

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The Witness. Oh, The Witness. We discuss our mutual obsession with Thekla's line-drawing masterpiece, as well as our love for Yakuza 5, Downwell, Guitar Hero Live, Westerados and Ash's early impressions of XCOM 2. There's also a new section dedicated to raising awareness of promising Kickstarters, HOT HOT NEWS, a challenge that in no way resembles popular quiz show Jeopardy! and talk of games doing more to help players give their characters personality.

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Another new episode? 3 weeks in a row? And all four of us are back together? We really are spoiling you, dear listeners!

Join us as we return to format and discuss everything from what shampoo we use to keep our hair lovely, to fatherly gaming advice. Damn, we really are getting old, aren't we? We've also got your news, a very silly lip reading based challenge and a debate about the recently priced Oculus Rift.

Also, as mentioned in the show, here's the link to the Doom game you can play in your browser!

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Ooh, part two, your mother too (and your daddy). Our alphabetical rundown of our pick of 2015 continues, beginning with a frank confession (sorry, CD Projekt) and ending with our top tips for 2016. Lots of great music from the games in question, too!

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It's 2016, the year where everyone will finally stop yamping on about Back to the Future II, and people come to their senses and realise that hoverboards with wheels aren't hoverboards at all! But hey, before you worry about what misfortunes await you and which of the 392 superhero films coming out this year will be duffers, listen to yet another bunch of people telling you about their favourite games of 2015. The big difference with this group of people is that their opinions actually matter. So join us - that is, Dan, Simon and Gareth - as we list our personal picks in the only order that matters: alphabetical. And, as the title suggests, this is an epic two-parter, so keep an ear out next week for the second half, where we'll also tell you what we're looking forward to in the year ahead.

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Much like legendary New York nightclub Studio 54, episode 54 of our podcast is a tribute to ludicrous excess, with scene kids, celebrities and artists rubbing noses and a lot more besides. You can't hear them because they're all in the room next door, but we assure you that they're definitely there and having the best time. Party monsters Dan, Simon, Ash and Gareth are on hand to talk you through their feelings on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Soma, Guitar Hero Live and Until Dawn, as well as news of Nintendo NX, Star Wars Battlefront, Duke Nukem 3D's long-lost Mega Drive port and PewDiePie's new YouTube Red show. Also! They attempt to guess the final words of ten poorly translated Japanese games and debate the merits of user-generated content even though the show's practically built on it.

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It's a case of diminishing returns this week as the show sheds an Ash in addition to the still-absent Gareth. We think they might be both down that well we keep meaning to board up. Give it three weeks and it'll just be sound of wind whistling through the office.

We're joined instead by Kevin Joyce from, who tolerates our usual nonsense admirably. Such nonsense includes talk of Pokémon party pooping, Guitar Hero DLC confusion, the future of 'walking simulators' and a game of Who Wants To Win A Bag of Air?. 

If you're reading this before midday on 14 October, there's still time to vote for our live episode in the Player's Choice category of the Games Media Awards. Follow this link or do a Googles for 2015 GMA Player's Choice. Thank you!

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After a mere two months since the last episode, WE'RE BACK! Again. And boy, do we have a show for you. All your favourite features are back in the same order but with different words in between. Will we be back next week? We sure hope so!

Welcome back, friend.

ALSO: We're up for TWO GMAs this year, which is absolutely fantastic. One of them is for the Players' Choice Award for our special live 50th episode - it's voted for by the public, so if you think we're worthy of an award head here: We'll love you forever*!

*Well, definitely for a few weeks.

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The tragic, premature passing of Satoru Iwata had a profound effect - perhaps unexpectedly so - on the late Nintendo president's fans, colleagues and peers, triggering an outpouring of emotional tributes the world over. ExAlPod's Nintendo-loving duo Dan and Simon were no exception, and in this special tribute episode they share their and our listeners' favourite memories of the great man.

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How to follow up a barnstorming live show? How about disappearing for eight weeks and then returning with something far less exciting? That'll do. We're so late even our E3 coverage is obsolete, but sod it, we did it anyway. But listen anyway you will, for we're still going to vibrate your cochleas with talk of games like Her Story, Sonic Runners and Harvest Moon; news of the F-Zero that never was, ridiculous Destiny pricing and rumours of The Last of Us 2; a challenge that proves we write better one-liners than the Hollywood scriptwriting elite; and a chat about violence that somehow ends up with Gareth wishing he could piece together the tattered remains of his soul. EPISODE 51 - HO!

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It finally happened. We did a live show. And it was awesome. We managed to get through a full show in front of a live audience, complete with all sorts of gimmicks including - but not limited to - a smoke machine, a live Twitch feed, shambolic karaoke, sexy Powerpoint images and a big black bucket with horns on it. Obviously it's not be quite as good without the incredible visuals, but it's still a good listen nonetheless (except, perhaps, for the challenge, which was absolute bedlam). Thanks to everyone who came - and to those who didn't, we'll see you for episode 100 (possibly sooner, if you demand it)!

If you'd like to see the images we're describing at the start of the show, head to our Facebook page:

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No, your eyes do not deceive you - this is our first semi-podcast. Episode 50 is going to be a big deal, so we didn't want to squander it on a typical show. However, we're not recording that until 9th May, so we also didn't want to leave you hanging for another fortnight. Episode 49.5 has some - but not all - of your favourite pod-bits, including plenty of guff about Bloodborne, news galore and a lengthy chat about challenging games making themselves accessible to the masses.

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Check us out with two podcasts in a fortnight, like some kind of regular podcast show. "Ol' Billy Two-Pods" they'll call us. Anyway, you join the team in varying states of sobriety as they recount their face-on experience with the latest Project Morpheus prototype, devise new ways to punish idiotic rage-quitters and test the limits of their geeky pedantry. No song this week, but isn't it nice to hear the old theme for the first time in ages?

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A mere 12 weeks since our last episode, we come back with an exciting, brand new format that may closely resemble the one we've used for the previous 47 shows, but is in fact drastically different. For one, two of us switched chairs! It's revolutionary thinking like that that flows like a harpoon - daily AND nightly - through our talk of in-flight gaming, Kojima's unexpected departure from Konami, that bit from Finders Keepers that doesn't involve trashing a house, and greedy publishers demanding YouTube money from Johnny Letsplayer.

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We've got a good feeling about 2015, and that's not just because a fortune teller told us we'd win the Euromillions in August. Our first show of the year sees us joined by Kotaku UK editor and devoted cat owner Keza MacDonald as we talk over our terrible Christmas gifts, news of Nintendo favouritism, punny Achievements and the future of Patreon. Also, we're all fully nude.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our lovely listeners (and our ugly ones too). What a memorable year it's been, with all those things that happened. You know, the things. So numerous are the things, that we've collated them all into this handy, digestible episode containing the least worst things we've done on The Explosive Alan Podcast in 2014. In other words: WE'RE DOING A GODDAMN CLIP SHOW. *mushroom cloud*

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Last year's Drunkcast had a terrible baby. Enjoy our shambolic recollections of the gaming year gone by, as well as an awful Christmas play that could do actual mental harm to infants. Have a wonderful birthday, Jesus!

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Everything's slightly different this week, from the incredibly suspect listener-generated episode names and transformed news section, to a Great Debate that features very little in the way of debating and a challenge that, for the first time, is provided by our special guest. We're not really sure what's going on, to be honest. We're scared. Hold us.

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Prepare to listen in awe to the wise words of amateur Amazon reviewer 'Freedom Of Speech', who could teach the professional critical community a thing or two. There's other stuff about Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed Unity, Halo 5, Overwatch and sausage roll-inspired homicide, but really it's Mr. Speech's show.

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Regular listeners might spot that this week's intro theme is the first to be inspired by a listener suggested episode title (Ep33's in fact) - we're open to suggestions for future songs, so start sending them in! Episode 42 doesn't answer the ultimate question to life, the universe and everything, but we do find out who the gang would team up with to blow up Parliament, and discover what game Simon would make featuring a drunken toddler and a Fleshlight. Spoiler: it ain't pretty. Also! Chat of first-person GTA, the return of Denis Dyack and the future of mobile gaming.

(And if you'd like to join the Explosive Alan Minecraft server, Tweet @chongster62! Make sure you're running version 1.7.10.)

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Look! It's a blue moon! Must be time for another Explosive Alan Podcast! Apologies for our ongoing sporadic release schedule but, y'know, work and stuff. In this episode, we answer more of your pressing personal questions, celebrate news of the return of Micro Machines and LucasArts classics, create an unholy fusion of EGX and Blankety Blank, and hear what you have to say about Nintendo’s reliance on nostalgia. And here's a link to that survey we chat about:

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We've discovered the secret to making podcasts the easy way: just get other people to do all the talking. We ventured all the way to a slightly different part of London to attend gaming expo thing EGX AKA TEFKA Eurogamer Expo, and asked a whole bunch of listeners and developers to chat away about the games they're playing and the games they're making. We still do a bit of podchat, including news of a Tetris movie (A TETRIS MOVIE), an on-off-then-on-again challenge and an extensive Great Debate about the confusing Destiny.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep40_EGXplosiveAlan.mp3
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Despite the title, we don't actually cover Microsoft's potential buyout of Mojang in any meaningful detail. Misleading, us? We do, however, let our tongues wag over Destiny, surprising Sherlock cameos, and the uneasy relationship between the gaming media and its audience. We're kindly assisted by the seemingly omnipotent Matt Lees. Seriously, he manage to post seven Tweets, publish a 2,000 word blog post and produce three YouTube videos while we recorded AND WE DIDN'T EVEN SEE HIM MOVE.

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Sorry we're so late on this one, but we were busy figuring out how to melt down Gareth and Ash into a single uber-presenter. Unfortunately we just plain melted them (apologies to their families) so we got Julia Hardy to step in until we figure out a way to reconstruct them from the gloop that remains. We've all been there. We mask our sadness pretty well while chitting the chat out of news of new/New 3DS-s, hellish Saints Row expansions, Rise of the Tomb Raider's faux-exclusivity and celebrity gaming voiceovers.

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After all that exercise in Simon's takeover episode, normal service resumes as three-quarters of Team ExAl stay firmly on their behinds. And oh! The things we talk about. Destiny's friends-only raid policy, some fool trying to sue Sony, the re-return of Resident Evil, Yogsventures controversies, Simon not knowing who Dominik Diamond is (at least we do if he hasn't edited it out) and 'TV's' Dan Maher actually appearing on TV.

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Happy birthday to us / Happy birthday to us / Happy birthday dear us / Happy birthday to us. Hooray. We celebrate our first anniversary in style - and that style is curiously similar to the format of the previous 34 episodes. The flab four discuss Yogscast controversy (not that one, the other one) and the baffling success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, attempt to identify popular cartoons dubbed into foreign languages and share your favourite gaming moments of the last 12 months.

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Pull up a chair, dear listener, and eavesdrop on another hourish of candid chat between the Explosive Alan gang. We're a proper gang and all, with a base, secret handshake, bespoke bomber jackets and an arbitrary rivalry with another podcasting gang (Gardeners' Question Time). What have we got for you this week? Let's see... Hold on... Right. Something about Lindsay Lohan, a quiz all about Arnie and chat about gender segregation in eSports. We're sure we've managed to do something entertaining with all of that.

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E3's almost enough of a distant memory to make any podcast dedicated to it seem totally redundant. Almost. The gang, this time joined by's Aoife Wilson, pick over the bones of the show and share their highs and lows. Is E3 best enjoyed from a distance, or up close and personal? Did workshy fop Dan have a better time than equipment-lugging workhorse Gareth? (Hint: yes) Do our listeners think that E3 is worth bothering with any more? Listen now for answers of sorts.

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Our ongoing quest to get every member of Regular Features on the show continues with a special appearance from living human Steve Hogarty. We grill him about his trip to the annual EVE Online Fanfest in Iceland, pore over the latest news - including Mortal Kombat X, Battlefield Hardline and the Metal Gear Solid film - flagrantly rip off Just A Minute, and discuss the pros and cons of DRM.

Intro Lyrics: The power of hype is a curious sight/Helps a poor game sell, when it’s overpriced shite/Fogs the mind of pre-ordering types/Makes crap appealing, that's the power of hype/Promises broken, shattered dreams/You paid the price for day one DLC/Keeps embargoes late, mm, so the truth won’t out/Power of hype that eliminates doubt/You don't need footage of gameplay/Just need some concept art to make it rain/It's loud and expensive and it lies sometimes/And it plays trick with our minds/That's the power of hype

Direct download: ExAl_Ep32_YouGottaFightForDigitalRightsIn3rdParty.mp3
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We were lucky enough to rope in Jon 'Log' Blyth (AKA Loggy B), recently departed Official Xbox Magazine writer and regular member of the highly irregular Regular Features podcast, before he departs for a new life as a publican. The whole gang is back together for the first time in what feels like forever too, so you really have no reason not to listen to this hot 'n' heavy five-man aural chatbang. Also: Kinectless Xbone fallout, Far Cry 4, Halo 5, People Can Fly's abandoned detective noir game, lullaby covers of pop songs and a sordid tale of Gareth exposing himself to Log's mum via social media.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep31_CongNatal.mp3
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In a week where Nintendo has transformed from cuddly, family-friendly company to hate-coding bigots (depending on who you talk to you, anyway), we largely ignore that - for now - and put our collective mind to the latest Call of Duty, Project Morpheus' terrifying shark demo, the Amplitude Kickstarter, Nintendo's other big problem and an interesting challenge that combines storytelling with expert punmanship. Episode 30, you guys.

Direct download: ExAl_30_CallOfBeauty-HouseOfCoDs.mp3
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With Ash and Gareth swanning around the Windy City this week, we've had to bring in the big guns to compensate for their absence. Enter Kotaku UK editor Keza MacDonald, who did such a good job that we only noticed the other pair weren't there when the entire recording went by without a single dick joke. Lots of good stuff this episode, with talk of our encounters with Watch_Dogs, Tomodachi Life, Dark Souls II, and Final Fantasy XIV; news of a new Project Zero, terrible Wii U sales and the baddest of bad CoD losers; a Google-themed Challenge and a truly Great Debate about the rise of free-to-play and microtransactions.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep29_LivingInATomodachiLife.mp3
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Watch the Tomodachi Life Nintendo Direct! Actually, listen to this podcast, featuring special guest Johnny Chiodini and talk of Super Smash Bros., Amazon Fire TV, the Assassin's Creed movie and MS & Sony's foray into TV shows, first, then watch the Tomodachi Life Nintendo Direct.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep28_YouHaventHeardTheLastOfUs.mp3
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We defy you not to do THAT whistle after reading that title (doing it in your head counts too). The Struggling To Get-Along Gang are joined by award-winning indie developer Mike Bithell, creator of the wonderful Thomas Was Alone. We quiz him about Volume, his upcoming reinterpretation of the Robin Hood legend and drag him into the rest of our nonsense, including a particularly tense challenge, a debate about online trolls and news of a disastrous indie game jam, the new head of Xbox and bloody Oculus Rift.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep27_BithellWhileYouWork.mp3
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There's been a lot of talk about the "Conscious coupling" of Facebook and Oculus VR, and who are we to avoid jumping on the "we know the inner workings of a multi-billion dollar corporation" bandwagon? So yes, FacebOculus dominates the chatter this week, but there's still room for Assassin's Creed Unity, The Last of Us PS4 rumours and Star Wars news and a challenge based on gaming locations that Dan is surprisingly awful at.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep26_MightAsWellFacebookYoureAddictedToRift.mp3
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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has proved to be incredibly divisive among the gaming community, so we've predictably jumped aboard the controv-o-wagon to discuss Kojima's plans and what it spells for big-budget game development in general. Before all that though, we've got chat of Project Morpheus, Titanfall, Sim City finally going offline, Super Game Jam and, sigh, Sonic the bleedin' Hedgehog. Also's Simon's super-scary challenge goes horribly awry so we mimic something off Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow instead.

Direct download: Ep25_ZeroesTheorem.mp3
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Believe it or not, this episode contains a world-exclusive announcement that, conveniently, actually relates to the episode number. Strange AND bizarre. The revelation comes courtesy of guest and long-time listener, not to mention novelist and scriptwriter extraordinaire James Swallow. This episode tackles the week’s big releases Titanfall and Dark Souls II (in song, of course), news on everything from BAFTA Game Awards results to a Frog Fractions sequel, a tricksy odd-one-out challenge and (in our humble opinion) one of the best Great Debates we’ve ever done. It’s a cracker of a show, basically.

Direct download: Ep24_SwallowAndAlansSons.mp3
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The original fab four (well, after the original fab four) reunite and it's like nothing's changed. At all. Seriously. You'd think a bit of time away would refresh things a bit, but no, it's just more of the same old, same old. Pfft. We guess it's alright if you like that sort of thing, but not us. We much prefer that Garderner's Question Time podcast. Still, you'll probably love all the news, chat and challenges, but that's because you're young and still have the rest of your life ahead of you. Enjoy it while you can. VIDEOGAMES!


Intro lyrics

Games have changed,

Their contents are perverse

They used to be so happy now they're full of gore and worse

Should we blame developers?

Or blame society?

Or the kids who play online Call of Duty?

No, blame Ubisoft, blame Ubisoft

Whose team of dumb marketing guys caused the censorship we despise

Blame Ubisoft, blame Ubisoft

We'll never see the anal assault, it's Ubisoft's fault

They blame Europe

For their vile plan

They’ve censored a cartoon

Getting a fake dick up the can

So now we've got to watch

A crappy drawing and some text

That's basically telling you to fuck yourself

Blame Ubisoft, blame Ubisoft

No abortions will we play, since those Frenchies got their way

Blame Ubisoft, blame Ubisoft

Although, that said, Watch_Dogs is coming out in May

Direct download: ExAl_Ep23_StickOfTruARKHAMKNIGHT.mp3
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Don't call it a comeback. Well, you can if you want; three weeks off is a lifetime in podcasting terms. We might as well have been dead, frankly. Anyway, Ash is still prancing around in paradise, but Dan's back and, after a short scuffle with Simon, is back in the driver's seat. This time, we discuss South Park censorship, test our knowledge of release dates and contemplate the death of triple-A gaming.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep22_SonicBoomShakeShakeShakeTheRoom.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 11:52pm UTC

In our first episode without Dan Maher, Simon attempts to lead the pack through another minefield of questions, news, challenges and debates. Will he make it through without buckling under such extreme pressure? Find out*! We're also pleased to re-welcome games writer Chris Slight, who stands in for Simon while Simon stands in for Dan.

*Spoiler: He doesn't, and dies midway through the show.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep21_CandyC_nts.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 10:00am UTC

We were delighted (not to mention slightly surprised) to be joined by talented actor and all-round lovely chap Chris Jarman - currently singing about terrible things as The General in the superb West End production of The Book of Mormon. He sticks around for the entire episode as we cover all the usual bases and bring a gaming twist to the deeply depraved "party game for horrible people" Cards Against Humanity. He even contributed to the intro tune and acted as this week's news gong. Whaddaguy.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep20_ThePodcastOfMorons.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 11:15pm UTC

We've listened to community feedback and taken a good, hard look in the mirror to ensure that The Explosive Alan Podcast 2K14 is the ultimate simulation of a gaming podcast. New features for '14 include:

- Procedural presenter interaction!

- Fully linear narrative with no moral decisions and just one ending!

- 63% all-new jingles!

- ShatChat(tm) authentic janky microphone emulation!

- Sobriety!

Direct download: ExAl_Ep19_OneDirectionHateTheXboxOneButLoveCatsOnRoombas.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 12:30pm UTC

Edited down from what felt like forever's worth of increasingly slurred ranting comes the festive Explosive Alan Drunkcast, featuring:

-Our four-part Nativity play!

-A full review of the year where we manage to forget about Rayman Legends!

-Special guest stars including (and limited to) OXM/Regular Features laugh factory Jon Blyth and man of many jobs Matt Frost

-Mid-episode presenter departures!

-And much, much more*!

*There is nothing else

Direct download: ExAl_Ep18_TheNativity.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 11:30pm UTC

There was a lot of booze left over from our office Christmas do, so we thought it best to attempt consume it all - for the purposes of clearing some room in the communal fridge, you understand - while recording our latest podecaste (the 'e's are silent). The funny thing is, this isn't even the Drunkcast we have planned for next week's actual Christmas special. Consider it a rehearsal. Some good stuff this time, though - we introduce the new joker card system to our 60-Second News Gong, Gareth has a great new challenge and we go ten rounds with microtransactions in full-priced games before winning by TKO.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep17_YouKnowNothingJohnSnow.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 10:58am UTC

...And that's what you get when you democratise the episode naming process. We're sorry. In this episode we ditch a couple of regular features to share our games - best and worst - of the generation. And if you disagree with our choices well, to quote Jeffrey Lebowski, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep16_XboxOneIsAC__tBucket.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 11:42am UTC

Put your ear to the ground. Hear that distant rumbling? That's a stampede of wild next-gen consoles charging towards us in a state of blind panic and confusion. Who can tame them? We don't know, and we're not sticking around to find out. No surprise then, that this episode clings onto the current generation as tenaciously as you would Powdered Toast Man's buttocks. It also features our very first, hopefully not last, listener challenge.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep15_MakeLoveNotConsoleWars.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 2:18pm UTC

Should Sonic be humanely put down? Can you identify a game character when they're talking backwards? Can the mysteries of cloud computing be unravelled in a minute? What does Dan talk about in his sleep? Will Gareth ever play Pokemon? Get all the answers to questions you'd never have otherwise asked right here.

Direct download: ExAl_Ep14_GhostInTheHDMachine.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 9:30pm UTC

We're one Simon down for our frightful/fright-full 13th episode, which was unlucky for Dan because it meant he had to do the actual hard work for once. Fortunately, Dan also writes these descriptions, and he can confirm that it's actually the most well-edited podcast yet. We've got a suitably horror-themed challenge, a Great Debate dedicated to Resident Evil and a bit about (Call of Duty) Ghosts. Oh, do enjoy it!

Direct download: ExAl_Ep13_Alanormal_Activity_v2.mp3
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Our four half-baked heroes return for more news, challenges and '#Bantz'. GTA and Pokemon feature (again), as does the latest on Mass Effect 4, Star Wars Battlefront 3, a Zelda film, Watch_Dogs delays and the team attempting to recreate famous gaming sound effects from memory.

This week's intro lyrics:

Explosive Alan Podcast x 3 / Games talk and challenges / In an hour / It’s four men who act like they’re fifteen (We’re really rad!) / They’re fully-grown adults it’s obscene (Hey – not that bad!) / If you want some inane chat / These grown up boys are here for that / Explosive Alan Podcast x 2 / They use language that is far from clean (You’re a fucking twat) / Dan’s a challenge cheat, Simon Chong’s a Sonic geek (I even like Unleashed) / Gareth Wild is frequently rude (Tell your mum) / Ash Denton’s got a grumpy attitude (Can I go home now?) / Explosive Alan Podcast x 3 / Games talk and challenges / In an hour

Direct download: ExAl_Ep12_Botch_Dogs.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 1:43pm UTC

We want to be the very best / Podcast of all time / To make them is our real test / And making these words rhyme
We will blather on and on / Talking constant shit / About games and how our name's / Too big for this next bit
(ExAlPod! Don't make no sense) / See what we mean? / Our name is a travesty / (ExAlPod!) / Oh, it's our podcast / With a name we must extend / (ExAlPod! Still makes no sense) / We know it's wrong / The full name is far too long / It's The Explosive Alan / Podcast! / (Gotta cram it in) / Gotta cram it in!
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Valve made three announcements, none of which were the one anyone actually wanted. Still, Steam Box, Steam OS and its peculiar controller are all big news, so we decided to mull over their potential for success in our already crowded living rooms. Before that, however, we've got a special report from the Eurogamer Expo featuring Joe and Scott from BitSocket, more rapid-fire news and yet another fruit-based challenge.

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