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True to form, promises made in the previous show have been broken. This is not the takeover show we teased, but another hot three-way between Dan, Gareth and Nick. So, kind of like being promised a donut, but getting a brownie instead, i.e. you still win. This time, we get exasperated at Battlefield V sexism, excited about a dedicated Switch Pokémon, effervescent in our praise of Cobra Kai and engrossed in debate about the merits of review scores.

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Against the soundtrack of a life support machine’s rhythmic beep, The Explosive Alan Podcast’s eyes finally flicker open. Weakly, it attempts to rise from its prolonged slumber, limbs limp, head heavy, throat parched. A passing nurse spots this unexpected recovery and rushes over, immediately guiding the straw within a nearby cup of water to its cracked lips. It takes a short sip, then mutters something barely audible. “I’m sorry, can you say that again?” ExAlPod motions for the nurse to come closer; he duly obeys. With the nurse’s ear now inches from its mouth, it quietly repeats itself: “We’re back, bitches.”

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While ExAlPod continues its stay in the Hyperbollock Time Chamber, Dan has rustled up a new podcast concept and wants to use you, our neglected listeners, as guinea pigs. It's called Word/Play, features contributions from Noclip's Danny O'Dwyer and Final Games' Liam Edwards and, for this pilot show, tackles the subject of crime. Give it a listen, and let Dan know what you think by dropping him a Tweet or DM @MrPointyHead.

Featured music:

L.A. Noire - Main Theme

Yakuza - For Who’s Sake

Payday 2 - Blueprints

Hotline Miami - Miami

Watch_Dogs - Lucky Quinns Theme

GTA2 - Main Theme

Gunpoint - Stealth Crawls And Dance Halls

FFVI - Kefka’s Theme

GTAIV - Main Theme

Yakuza 0 - Money Makes Money

Sam & Max Hit The Road - Another Idiotic And Baffling Assignment

The Getaway - Art Appreciation

Persona 5 - Interrogation Room

GTA Vice City - Main Theme (Extended Mix)

LEGO City Undercover - ‘Quiet 01’

Watch_Dogs 2 - Eye For An Eye (Reprise)

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