The Explosive Alan Podcast (gaming)
Join Dan, Ash, Gareth and Simon as they jabber through the games they're playing, tear through the week's most interesting news stories, attempt to outdo each other in weekly challenges, and invite the community to share their opinions on heavyweight gaming issues.

Our four half-baked heroes return for more news, challenges and '#Bantz'. GTA and Pokemon feature (again), as does the latest on Mass Effect 4, Star Wars Battlefront 3, a Zelda film, Watch_Dogs delays and the team attempting to recreate famous gaming sound effects from memory.

This week's intro lyrics:

Explosive Alan Podcast x 3 / Games talk and challenges / In an hour / It’s four men who act like they’re fifteen (We’re really rad!) / They’re fully-grown adults it’s obscene (Hey – not that bad!) / If you want some inane chat / These grown up boys are here for that / Explosive Alan Podcast x 2 / They use language that is far from clean (You’re a fucking twat) / Dan’s a challenge cheat, Simon Chong’s a Sonic geek (I even like Unleashed) / Gareth Wild is frequently rude (Tell your mum) / Ash Denton’s got a grumpy attitude (Can I go home now?) / Explosive Alan Podcast x 3 / Games talk and challenges / In an hour

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We want to be the very best / Podcast of all time / To make them is our real test / And making these words rhyme
We will blather on and on / Talking constant shit / About games and how our name's / Too big for this next bit
(ExAlPod! Don't make no sense) / See what we mean? / Our name is a travesty / (ExAlPod!) / Oh, it's our podcast / With a name we must extend / (ExAlPod! Still makes no sense) / We know it's wrong / The full name is far too long / It's The Explosive Alan / Podcast! / (Gotta cram it in) / Gotta cram it in!
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Valve made three announcements, none of which were the one anyone actually wanted. Still, Steam Box, Steam OS and its peculiar controller are all big news, so we decided to mull over their potential for success in our already crowded living rooms. Before that, however, we've got a special report from the Eurogamer Expo featuring Joe and Scott from BitSocket, more rapid-fire news and yet another fruit-based challenge.

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It's the episode that wasn't supposed to be - and yet, here it is, against all odds. We manage to pull ourselves away from GTA V (and, in Si's case Kingdom Hearts HD) long enough to parody the parody song du jour 'The Fox', rake over the news, guess the name of fruit (harder than it sounds) and explore whether controversial scenes in games should be optional. "It's a good listen." - Our mums.

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Buttery spread. (PS) Vita-lite. Geddit? Yeah, it's pretty tenuous. Anyway, Gareth's away filming fancy cars in Frankfurt so he's replaced by our friend Chris Slight from, who's nowhere near as sweary but actually has time to play games. In this episode we cover Sony's new additions to the Vita range, GTAV and Metal Gear Solid V; Simon tests our ability to differentiate between obscure game character names and foreign swear words; and we decide whether Nintendo should pack the whole home console thing in.

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You wouldn’t know it to listen to us, but we’re all vigorously vibrating our bum cheeks for the duration of this podcast. Just call us hard twerking folk. Also, if you’re too young to remember The Littlest Hobo, the intro might confuse you.

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We may have had a week’s break, but we certainly didn’t have a week’s break, if you catch our drift. Gamescom got in the way is what we’re getting at. Yeah. If you want all the hot goss from the world’s biggest games convention you’re probably better off listening to a different podcast because we played a massive ONE game between the four of us (though, to be fair, Si wasn’t actually there). Still, this podcast is good at other stuff!

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Breaking Bad's return to our tellies not only inspires the title of this episode, but also a discussion about gaming's ability to produce storylines and characters as nuanced and memorable as the best TV and film has to offer. Before all that though, there's the usual topical jibber-jabber and another fiendish challenge to contend with. Go podcast!

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The Explosive Alan Podcast doesn't have any censors to answer to, hence this episode is absolutely riddled with graphic descriptions of mucky sex, actual murder and gratuitous swearing. Well, it could be if we wanted it to, but we're above that sort of thing. Well, the first two, anyway.

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Goodbye Fez II, we hardly knew ye. The gang (think The Get Along Gang rather than The Crips) briefly mourn Phil Fish's melodramatic exit from game development before moving onto the usual heady cocktail of chit-chat, succinct news, tricksy challenges and topical debate. All in under an hour. Just call us the Vision Express of the podcasting scene.

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