The Explosive Alan Podcast (gaming)
Join Dan, Ash, Gareth and Simon as they jabber through the games they're playing, tear through the week's most interesting news stories, attempt to outdo each other in weekly challenges, and invite the community to share their opinions on heavyweight gaming issues.

Regular listeners might spot that this week's intro theme is the first to be inspired by a listener suggested episode title (Ep33's in fact) - we're open to suggestions for future songs, so start sending them in! Episode 42 doesn't answer the ultimate question to life, the universe and everything, but we do find out who the gang would team up with to blow up Parliament, and discover what game Simon would make featuring a drunken toddler and a Fleshlight. Spoiler: it ain't pretty. Also! Chat of first-person GTA, the return of Denis Dyack and the future of mobile gaming.

(And if you'd like to join the Explosive Alan Minecraft server, Tweet @chongster62! Make sure you're running version 1.7.10.)

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Look! It's a blue moon! Must be time for another Explosive Alan Podcast! Apologies for our ongoing sporadic release schedule but, y'know, work and stuff. In this episode, we answer more of your pressing personal questions, celebrate news of the return of Micro Machines and LucasArts classics, create an unholy fusion of EGX and Blankety Blank, and hear what you have to say about Nintendo’s reliance on nostalgia. And here's a link to that survey we chat about:

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We've discovered the secret to making podcasts the easy way: just get other people to do all the talking. We ventured all the way to a slightly different part of London to attend gaming expo thing EGX AKA TEFKA Eurogamer Expo, and asked a whole bunch of listeners and developers to chat away about the games they're playing and the games they're making. We still do a bit of podchat, including news of a Tetris movie (A TETRIS MOVIE), an on-off-then-on-again challenge and an extensive Great Debate about the confusing Destiny.

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Despite the title, we don't actually cover Microsoft's potential buyout of Mojang in any meaningful detail. Misleading, us? We do, however, let our tongues wag over Destiny, surprising Sherlock cameos, and the uneasy relationship between the gaming media and its audience. We're kindly assisted by the seemingly omnipotent Matt Lees. Seriously, he manage to post seven Tweets, publish a 2,000 word blog post and produce three YouTube videos while we recorded AND WE DIDN'T EVEN SEE HIM MOVE.

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Sorry we're so late on this one, but we were busy figuring out how to melt down Gareth and Ash into a single uber-presenter. Unfortunately we just plain melted them (apologies to their families) so we got Julia Hardy to step in until we figure out a way to reconstruct them from the gloop that remains. We've all been there. We mask our sadness pretty well while chitting the chat out of news of new/New 3DS-s, hellish Saints Row expansions, Rise of the Tomb Raider's faux-exclusivity and celebrity gaming voiceovers.

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After all that exercise in Simon's takeover episode, normal service resumes as three-quarters of Team ExAl stay firmly on their behinds. And oh! The things we talk about. Destiny's friends-only raid policy, some fool trying to sue Sony, the re-return of Resident Evil, Yogsventures controversies, Simon not knowing who Dominik Diamond is (at least we do if he hasn't edited it out) and 'TV's' Dan Maher actually appearing on TV.

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And now for something completely different: our very first Takeover episode! Simon takes control of the show for an episode so special that we didn't think that audio alone would do it justice. So, prepare to see our mugs for slightly longer than you'd properly care to as we embark on a chaotic geocaching adventure (and probably break all the rules of geocaching in the process). Normal service will resume next week!

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Happy birthday to us / Happy birthday to us / Happy birthday dear us / Happy birthday to us. Hooray. We celebrate our first anniversary in style - and that style is curiously similar to the format of the previous 34 episodes. The flab four discuss Yogscast controversy (not that one, the other one) and the baffling success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, attempt to identify popular cartoons dubbed into foreign languages and share your favourite gaming moments of the last 12 months.

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Pull up a chair, dear listener, and eavesdrop on another hourish of candid chat between the Explosive Alan gang. We're a proper gang and all, with a base, secret handshake, bespoke bomber jackets and an arbitrary rivalry with another podcasting gang (Gardeners' Question Time). What have we got for you this week? Let's see... Hold on... Right. Something about Lindsay Lohan, a quiz all about Arnie and chat about gender segregation in eSports. We're sure we've managed to do something entertaining with all of that.

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E3's almost enough of a distant memory to make any podcast dedicated to it seem totally redundant. Almost. The gang, this time joined by's Aoife Wilson, pick over the bones of the show and share their highs and lows. Is E3 best enjoyed from a distance, or up close and personal? Did workshy fop Dan have a better time than equipment-lugging workhorse Gareth? (Hint: yes) Do our listeners think that E3 is worth bothering with any more? Listen now for answers of sorts.

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