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Join Dan, Ash, Gareth and Simon as they jabber through the games they're playing, tear through the week's most interesting news stories, attempt to outdo each other in weekly challenges, and invite the community to share their opinions on heavyweight gaming issues.

True to form, promises made in the previous show have been broken. This is not the takeover show we teased, but another hot three-way between Dan, Gareth and Nick. So, kind of like being promised a donut, but getting a brownie instead, i.e. you still win. This time, we get exasperated at Battlefield V sexism, excited about a dedicated Switch Pokémon, effervescent in our praise of Cobra Kai and engrossed in debate about the merits of review scores.

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Against the soundtrack of a life support machine’s rhythmic beep, The Explosive Alan Podcast’s eyes finally flicker open. Weakly, it attempts to rise from its prolonged slumber, limbs limp, head heavy, throat parched. A passing nurse spots this unexpected recovery and rushes over, immediately guiding the straw within a nearby cup of water to its cracked lips. It takes a short sip, then mutters something barely audible. “I’m sorry, can you say that again?” ExAlPod motions for the nurse to come closer; he duly obeys. With the nurse’s ear now inches from its mouth, it quietly repeats itself: “We’re back, bitches.”

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While ExAlPod continues its stay in the Hyperbollock Time Chamber, Dan has rustled up a new podcast concept and wants to use you, our neglected listeners, as guinea pigs. It's called Word/Play, features contributions from Noclip's Danny O'Dwyer and Final Games' Liam Edwards and, for this pilot show, tackles the subject of crime. Give it a listen, and let Dan know what you think by dropping him a Tweet or DM @MrPointyHead.

Featured music:

L.A. Noire - Main Theme

Yakuza - For Who’s Sake

Payday 2 - Blueprints

Hotline Miami - Miami

Watch_Dogs - Lucky Quinns Theme

GTA2 - Main Theme

Gunpoint - Stealth Crawls And Dance Halls

FFVI - Kefka’s Theme

GTAIV - Main Theme

Yakuza 0 - Money Makes Money

Sam & Max Hit The Road - Another Idiotic And Baffling Assignment

The Getaway - Art Appreciation

Persona 5 - Interrogation Room

GTA Vice City - Main Theme (Extended Mix)

LEGO City Undercover - ‘Quiet 01’

Watch_Dogs 2 - Eye For An Eye (Reprise)

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Reports of our demise might have been slightly exaggerated, but the departure of Simon Chong is 100% true. Sadly, his prodigious animating talents caught the eye of Hollywood bigwigs, and no amount of promises of being paid in real money or upgrading his Etch-a-Sketch could convince him not to flee 5,400 miles across the world to escape our clutches. Were we going to let him flee without recording a goodbye podcast? Were we fork. So, we took our mics out of hibernation for one last huzzah as the awesome foursome and put together this special show. (‘Special’ in this instance means poorly prepared.) Find out more about what Simon will be up to in California, hear a special story from a 9 year-old Chong, listen to his horrified reaction to our special parting gift, and catch our reactions to your tributes at our premature funeral. It’s going to get emotional.

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WE'RE BACK! Again. Again.

Yes, after the lofty high that was the 100th live episode, we took a small break from podcasting while we, amongst other things, had surgery, fell ill, travelled to Edinburgh, worked very hard and tried to finish your Mum's 10.000 piece jigsaw she's had round the back for the last 13 years.

No, but really, we forgot to get any audience participation this episode, so it's just us rounding up all our love for the Switch and Zelda, as well as a challenge about the Bechdel Test. Finally, as it's episode 101 we have ourselves a lovely rip of section based on TV classic Room 101.

Enjoy, friends. It's nice to be back, eh?

Wholesome Memes:

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Well, we made it. 100 episodes. No one thought we could do it, especially us, but here we are! AND we survived it. This episode of the Explosive Alan Podcast was brought to you in front of a live audience complete with more booze than was ever necessary. Who will win in this epic audience VS Alans showdown? If you were there, you know, BUT DON'T RUIN IT FOR THE REST OF THEM!
Enjoy, all. And before you start listening. We're sorry. For everything.
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Where The Water Tastes Like Wine:
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A 99 ice cream, 99 problems and 99 luftballons. There are many things that have 99 in quantity, but it’s 99th Explosive Alan Podcast that’s really where it’s at. This week, Dan and Simon are talking all things Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as discussing our desert island games, Ubisoft, and oh, THE LIVE EPISODE THAT’S HAPPENING TOMORROW (25/02/17) IN LONDON! Get your tickets if you haven’t right here


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It’s the filler episode of all filler episodes! Episode 98 is a bit manic, but by golly we’re going to make our 100th episode our actual 100th episode! This week it’s just Dan and Simon chatting about absolute nonsense for half an hour, some things about video games, some things about naughty things we’ve done. ENJOY IT! WE DID!

What makes us happy link: Halloween finger -

Get your tickets to the live show! There aren’t many left now, and it’s happening soon. 25th of February 2017 at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) at the Secret Weapon in Stratford. Tickets here:

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Episode 97 is here with its hands in the air like it just doesn’t care! This week the fantastic foursome discusses things from Superhot VR to Dandy Dungeon and everything in between. You can’t say we aren’t eclectic on this show! Also, don’t forget, our 100th episode will be in front of a LIVE audience in Stratford, London on the 25th of February at 7.30pm. Get your tickets while you can here (they’re free)

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Welcome aboard the SS ExAlPod, there’s no getting off now, you’re locked in, sorry ‘bout it! So, get ready for this week’s returning special “How To Be Awesome At…” episode. This time, DATING! Which should be interesting as three of the four Explosive Alan team have been in relationships for a combined 45 years. Fair warning, this gets weird. Very weird. ENJOY!

ALSO, don’t forget to get your tickets for our live 100th episode coming up on the 25/02/15. It’s at 7.30pm at the Secret Weapon bar in Stratford, London, and we’d love you to be there. Get your tickets here

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