The Explosive Alan Podcast
Join Dan, Ash, Gareth and Simon as they jabber through the games they're playing, tear through the week's most interesting news stories, attempt to outdo each other in weekly challenges, and invite the community to share their opinions on heavyweight gaming issues.

Did we just hit ten episodes in as many weeks? I believe we only bloody well went and did. To celebrate, we thought we'd take our new (cheap) 360-degree camera for a test run, only it all seemed to go horribly wrong and right now we have literally no idea if you'll ever see the footage we shot or the clever things we did with it. We guess that's the price you pay for being podcasting pioneers. In our rush to meet the strict 45-minute limit of our unreliable new purchase, we hare through all manner of features and games, including the returning 60-Second News Gong, Dark Souls: The Board Game, Shakespeare Lyrics, Quantum Break, Dark Souls 3 and a Great Debate about sequel frequency. Sequency.

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