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Join Dan, Ash, Gareth and Simon as they jabber through the games they're playing, tear through the week's most interesting news stories, attempt to outdo each other in weekly challenges, and invite the community to share their opinions on heavyweight gaming issues.

He’s back! The wanderer returns! Dan Maher makes his triumphant paternity return in the 65th episode of The Explosive Alan Podcast. Join the fab 4 as this week we discuss all things VR, Pokken, and how DC can save their film franchises (or whether they even should!) INTREST PIQUED? Well, check it out, it’s free after all.

What Makes You Happy Links

Slow Mo Guys

Batman: Bad Blood

The Lobster:

Batman V Superman Fails Article

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Happy Easter weekend! For those of you who had your Friday yesterday, enjoy yourself a relaxing lay in with this week’s fresh off the presses Explosive Alan Podcast. This week we have two very special guests in the form of Double Jump and YouTube’s very own Cam and Seb! Join Simon and Gareth as we navigate this week’s world of gaming with some chat about what we’ve been playing, some Googly Boogly, and a lovely debate about modular consoles. Enjoy, and have yourself a very lazy weekend. You’ve earned it!

Kickstarter Watch:
The Pride Vol. 1 Hardover Collection

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Do you know the score? You’d don’t? Then you probably don’t know the truth! This week we have a very special guest in the form of The Miller Report’s Simon Miller, and he does NOT suffer chuffsters lightly. Join us as we chat games from Hitman to the Division, and have a right old debate about the possibility of episodic games on a broader scale. Welcome, friends!



Adore Delano - Hello, I Love You


Address is Approximate


Video Copilot Saber


The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness


WOOOOO! Nation with Ric Flair!-nation-with-ric-flair/id991930026?mt=2

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Back once again with the renegade master! Well, maybe not the renegade master as such, but you’ve got three quarters of the Explosive Alan Podcast team at least. This week, it’s lights, camera, ACTION as we ditch everything we’ve done for the last 61 episodes and do a film centric show. We’ve got all your recent films covered, the return of the challenge segment as well as a debate on reboots vs originals. We hope you enjoy it, friends! CUT!

The Katering Show:
Real Life Hitman:  
Watchtower of Turkey:  

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Happy Friday, everyone! You made it through another week, and as a present, here’s a SUPERHOT 61st episode of The Explosive Alan Podcast for your ears! Ash, Simon and Gareth are here to guide you through this week’s gaming nonsense including SUPERHOT, XCOM 2, Pinstripe and the delays to Uncharted 4. Also a chair incident. Enjoy!



Multitimbral FM Synthesizer Shield:




Wintergatan - Marble Machine:

Holi S**t:

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Last week we were one, this week we are two! Join us, as Simon and Gareth round up the week’s nonsense in our 60th episode of The Explosive Alan Podcast. We’ve got sandwich chat, music talk, space travel and whether crumpets are a worthwhile breakfast. All the things you’d expect from an award winning games podcast. Welcome aboard, friends!

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In the wake of 3 busy weeks, a butt-load of work and a brand new baby Alan in the form of Orla Leathem Maher (Congrats to Dan and Helen), Simon takes it upon himself to do an episode ALL ON HIS OWN. Can he do it? Can he be the hero this city needs? Probably not, but he'll give it a damn good try.


No, seriously though, this is a shorter episode intentionally so we can get something out more regularly when we can't all get together to so a full episode. We hope you like it!


We've got Gravity Rush, Jackbox Party Pack 2, Miitomo, Sonic, ALL THE USUAL THINGS! Enjoy!

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The Witness. Oh, The Witness. We discuss our mutual obsession with Thekla's line-drawing masterpiece, as well as our love for Yakuza 5, Downwell, Guitar Hero Live, Westerados and Ash's early impressions of XCOM 2. There's also a new section dedicated to raising awareness of promising Kickstarters, HOT HOT NEWS, a challenge that in no way resembles popular quiz show Jeopardy! and talk of games doing more to help players give their characters personality.

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Another new episode? 3 weeks in a row? And all four of us are back together? We really are spoiling you, dear listeners!

Join us as we return to format and discuss everything from what shampoo we use to keep our hair lovely, to fatherly gaming advice. Damn, we really are getting old, aren't we? We've also got your news, a very silly lip reading based challenge and a debate about the recently priced Oculus Rift.

Also, as mentioned in the show, here's the link to the Doom game you can play in your browser!

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Ooh, part two, your mother too (and your daddy). Our alphabetical rundown of our pick of 2015 continues, beginning with a frank confession (sorry, CD Projekt) and ending with our top tips for 2016. Lots of great music from the games in question, too!

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