The Explosive Alan Podcast
Join Dan, Ash, Gareth and Simon as they jabber through the games they're playing, tear through the week's most interesting news stories, attempt to outdo each other in weekly challenges, and invite the community to share their opinions on heavyweight gaming issues.

This week’s #ExAlPod is special in many ways. One, it has Dan and Simon recording outside because it was too hot in the office. As as result, special guests this episode include many airplanes and an opera singer. For real! It’s also special because we’ve got a whole load E3 chat ahead of next week’s event. Enjoy, friends!

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And we’re back in the room. After last week’s coin-tossing shenanigans, Gareth finds himself suspended from the show for podcast truancy, while Simon gets let off because he edits the show. In this altogether more conventional episode there’s talk of Doom, Starfox Zero, PKTball, Fallout 4 mods, Overwatch porn, Pikachu’s controversial name change, the return of Cinemaware, the sad fate of Videogame Nation and the difference between localisation and censorship. We also squeeze in a game of Heads Up!, video clips of which can be viewed on our Facebook page.




Fallout 4 Seasons:

Gay of Thrones (Spoilers!):

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We may have planned an episode in our normal way, but when Gareth has himself and idea, and Simon is easily influenced, things often go awry. SO, we present to you our first on the road episode where a coin decides our fate. Sure we discuss what we've been playing, answer some questions and do some news, but now with added coin flipping! Will Simon have a smoothie? Will Gareth assault someone? Will we play in a bubble world? The fun never ends when a coin is involved!

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Simon’s at it again! It’s another solo episode this week as the rest of the team are off being crazy busy, as a result, it’s a super short episode. But something is better than nothing, right? So, yes, join Simon as he talks about what he’s been playing, answers your questions a does a bit of news about Pokemon and Overwatch. Honestly, all that in 12 minutes? I can’t believe it either. Normal service will resume shortly!

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Welcome to the 71st episode of our weekly Uncharted 4 podcast! No wait, sorry, it’s a video games podcast in general, you just wouldn’t know it from all the Uncharted talk this week! What else, what else, well, you’ve got just Dan and Simon hosting this time round with a healthy dose of Getting To Know Us Questions, a Challenge, and also a debate about whether games should have an easy mode or not. ENJOY IT, or else!


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What have learning Spanish, Star Wars, simulated sex, Rupaul's Drag Race, dislocated knees, Uncharted 4, nightmare-inducing audio and anal Rumble Pak insertion got in common? Absolutely nothing, until episode 70 of ExAlPod came along.

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Are you ready for the sexiest episode yet of the Explosive Alan Podcast yet? Episode 69 is here for your sexy aural pleasure, and boy is it a good one. Sexy Dan and Simon are here to bring you up to speed on all this week’s sexy gaming nonsense, from thieving copies of sexy Uncharted 4 to sexier Zelda delays, we have it all. Sex.

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Jake and Amir: Lonely and Horny
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Did we just hit ten episodes in as many weeks? I believe we only bloody well went and did. To celebrate, we thought we'd take our new (cheap) 360-degree camera for a test run, only it all seemed to go horribly wrong and right now we have literally no idea if you'll ever see the footage we shot or the clever things we did with it. We guess that's the price you pay for being podcasting pioneers. In our rush to meet the strict 45-minute limit of our unreliable new purchase, we hare through all manner of features and games, including the returning 60-Second News Gong, Dark Souls: The Board Game, Shakespeare Lyrics, Quantum Break, Dark Souls 3 and a Great Debate about sequel frequency. Sequency.

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NINE WEEKS IN A ROW! Come on, double digits. We can do this! Anyway, welcome to this week's Explosive Alan podcast. It's a podcast first this week as Simon and Dan attempt their first Skype episode from their respective houses. Does it work? Can you tell? Do let us know! This week we have much chatter about Dark Souls 3, Zelda and Miitomo. Actually, we have a whole load of Nintendo chat over all because THOSE TWO aren't here to stop us! MAD WITH POWER, WE ARE!

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Episode 66 is here! IT REALLY IS! Only 34 episodes until episode 100, will we make it? Who knows. Future us knows, but that’s some Quantum Break type stuff, right there. GOOD SEGWAY! Because this week we chat all things Quantum Break as well as the usual getting to know us nonsense, a lovely musical challenge and a debate about TV in gaming. Stick around, it’s worth it, we promise.*

*Not a guarantee.

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