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Join Dan, Ash, Gareth and Simon as they jabber through the games they're playing, tear through the week's most interesting news stories, attempt to outdo each other in weekly challenges, and invite the community to share their opinions on heavyweight gaming issues.

Believe it or not, this episode contains a world-exclusive announcement that, conveniently, actually relates to the episode number. Strange AND bizarre. The revelation comes courtesy of guest and long-time listener, not to mention novelist and scriptwriter extraordinaire James Swallow. This episode tackles the week’s big releases Titanfall and Dark Souls II (in song, of course), news on everything from BAFTA Game Awards results to a Frog Fractions sequel, a tricksy odd-one-out challenge and (in our humble opinion) one of the best Great Debates we’ve ever done. It’s a cracker of a show, basically.

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