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Join Dan, Ash, Gareth and Simon as they jabber through the games they're playing, tear through the week's most interesting news stories, attempt to outdo each other in weekly challenges, and invite the community to share their opinions on heavyweight gaming issues.

Didn't manage to make it to Gamescom? Neither did we, so we replicated the atmosphere by filling the office with strangers and queuing for three hours to use our own computers while eating overpriced currywurst. You won't hear any of that in this week's podcast (illegal fire hazard my arse), but you will hear two attractive-sounding men discussing their reignited love affair with GoldenEye, the new Metal Gear game that nobody asked for, fantasy sports and the possible (mis?)fortunes of Nintendo's NX. 


Kitty Horrorshow

Too Good To Go

Suicide Squad Sales Pitch by Jenny Nicholson

Trump Quotes by Zapp Brannigan

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